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Karl W. SwartzThe Legend of Sallie the Witch

Sallie the Witch was born upon this night
Her mother died from the pain and the fright
Her father drove the deacon from there
Sallie the Witch was too much to bear!

Everyone knew an evil wind had come
Some said the moon made the devil take a run
Some said the child was a lesson to fear
Sallie the Witch get away from here!

Sallie was thirteen when the devil came
How could anyone say she was to blame
They only wanted someone else to pay
Sallie the Witch would curse their graves!

When Sallie was nineteen she sought the deacon's son
The child was hers but she'd only just begun
Its slaughtered soul she laid upon the church
Sallie the Witch was the devil's worst!

The congregation took up the sacrifice
All God's people demanded Sallie's life
"You've always wanted someone to kill,
Sallie the Witch will work her will!"

They burned her on Sunday with holy hymn and prayer
Everyone in the countryside was there
Sallie, she mocked them up to the very end
"You cannot stop the evil that Sallie sends!"

The street was swept clean to remove ev'ry trace
They buried her ashes but did not mark the place
But list ye to the evil that a witch can do
Where the bones of Sallie lay, nothing grew!

Copyright © 2009 by Karl W. Swartz.  All rights reserved.