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Rigley came to us o/a August 5, 2020. Rigley is a shelter rescue who we adopted through For Pete's Sake Animal Rescue (see my links page for more adoption registries). He was about four y.o. Rigley is a beagle and, I think, terrier mix. He is brindle and white. He doesn't like to be picked up and the first time I tried, he twisted and squirmed to get free. I said, "You're a wriggley little dog!", and the name stuck.

I think Rigley was somewhat abused, he startles easily, and is also very protective. However, he is very loving (once he decides you are ok), and craves attention. He is very obedient, and a joy to be with. He and Roxie have become "best buds" and run and hunt together. They have been a great influence on one another, fortunately sharing (mostly) their best qualities.

(pics to follow soon, hopefully!

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