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Lexus came to us Jan. 17, 2007, from Tiffany Yeary of Zabesii Cockers.  She was born Sept. 1, 2006.  If you notice, Lexie has a white streak above her right eye that looks just like Harry Potter's scar, as well as another on her lower back!  Because of the resembelance, we often call her "Harry Potter Dog".

Marita has often said that our first cocker, Nikki, came to teach us unconditional love.  I think also that Lexus came to teach us unbounded joy.  Watching her run and play is to see pure joy moving in the world!  She gladdens our hearts and puts our lives in perspective.

Lexus cleans out her toybox Is this not the longest tongue ever?
Something wonderful to roll in! I'm coming! YOU go run.
Well, if you want MY opinion... Beach bum Lexus
Aren't I just the cutest thing? 'Christopher' Lexus Playing with her 'baby'

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