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Billi J

Billi came to us on June 6, 2007, from Genji Bailey of Walking In The F.O.G. Cocker Spaniels of SoKy.  Billi was about 6 y.o. when we got her.  Billi was a special needs adoption, and has been a blessing to us!    Billi is especially beautiful and has a natural "smile", which is why I often call her "Smiley".

In spite of numerous health issues which we have fought to alleviate, Billi is the most gentle and loving dog I have ever known!  I think she has come to teach us trust.

Billi J.
12/28/2001 12/10/2014

Our Miss Billi passed away this past December after a long bout with congestive heart failure. Her medication kept it at bay for a some time, but her poor little heart just finally gave out.

I know that everyone feels their pet is the best, and Billi was certainly very special to us. She was especially endearing to everyone who met her. She was the most patient and uncomplaining soul I have ever known. I only hope that I may be able to pass through my old age with some semblance of the grace of our Miss Billi.

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